Bathmate Extreme X50 Hydromax

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Bathmate Extreme X50 Hydromax
Not satisfied with regular sized pumps? Introducing the Bathmate X50 – the largest pump that Hydromax offers and the world’s first water based pump.

Rather than using the conventional air-based vacuum, it relies instead on warm water to produce results. Sucking the penis inside the tube allowing blood to flow into the penis to stretch and inflate it. Daily use will give the blood vessels opportunity to expand and allow the penis to accept more blood in its erectile chambers, creating harder, longer erections.

Right after use, you will notice a difference in girth/circumference. This single handed mechanism is easy to use, encouraging daily pumping action to help you achieve the results you’re after. The Bathmate X50 will improve your confidence, sex life and stamina!

* Increases penis length
* Increases penis girth
* Optimises sexual health
* Stronger, harder erections
* Completely safe to use
* Uses warm water
* 15 minutes per use

* Hydropump carry case
* Measuring gauge
* Cleaning sponge
* Handball pump
* Comfort insert pad
* Hose attachment pump

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