Jesse Jane Intimate Passages

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Jesse Jane Intimate Passages: this pussy is as authentic as the real thing. Jesse Jane pussy looks completely realistic. It is made of soft and supple Futurotic plus material.

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Jesse Jane Intimate Passages

Molded directly from blond bombshell Jesse Jane’s own heavenly pussy, this pussy looks completely realistic, and due to the soft and supple Futurotic plus material it’s made from, it also feels just as real.

However, one feature this pussy has that we’re betting your girlfriend doesn’t is five levels of “vibrating, pulsating and surging action” that you can control yourself with the remote pack and stem from a bullet that’s easily inserted into the back of the toy.

Another not-so-common facet this pussy has that adds to its authenticity is its heavy feel-and this alone places it leagues ahead of other toys made out of rubber or even foam.

Jesse also happens to be a big fan of anal sex, and her tighter rear entrance is practically begging for it.
So “experience the fuck of your life!”

Physical Attributes:

  • MATERIAL: Latex-free Futurotic material
  • TEXTURE: Soft / Supple / Contoured
  • COLOR: Flesh tone
  • DIMENSIONS: Length (6 inches) / Width (5.25 inches) / Height (2.5 inches) / Depth of Vagina (3.25 inches) / Deppth of Anus (5 inches)
  • WEIGHT: 2 lbs.
  • FUNCTIONS: Vibrating / Realistic / Multifunction / Multispeed
  • POWER SOURCE: 1 watch battery / Aa-2

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